About Us

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Architecture / Design Office

ADO is a specialist design studio set up in 2015 by John Busteed and Leandra Gil. John was trained in the Glasgow School of Art and in Belfast and has been in practice as an Architect and Interior Designer since 2001 
Leandra is a multi-disciplinary designer with an academic background in 20th Century design who also trained in Glasgow Art School as well as in her hometown of Los Angeles 
We are an RIBA registered practice and have plenty of experience working with historic listed buildings and on contemporary new-build projects. We have delivered architectural and interior fit-out projects for well established commercial Clients, and we have also had some great experiences working with smaller start-up companies and private Clients. 
We often work as part of a wider Design Team, alongside Developers, Project Managers and larger Architectural practices, providing specialist Interior Design services. We are also happy to provide less conventional design services, including initial design strategies, brand development and interior concepts. 

Our practice is continually inspired by the spirit and creativity of those post-war European and American trailblazers - the Architects, musicians, film makers and photographers of this age-defining period. We are constantly learning more of the joy of creating space, framing a scene and pushing things forward, just enough to keep things interesting. We enjoy nothing more than reimagining an existing space for creative reuse, or facing an empty site, ready for construction. 

Every project, site and building is unique and that's why we don't do the same thing twice...